Sketching Rearview Mirror

sketch of rearview mirror - 2017 - 3x2
Eduardo Suré; Sketch of a Rearview Mirror, 2017; Graphite

In this preliminary sketch for a painting, I wanted to study how to have three perspectives in one image. I will only transfer the contour lines to watercolor paper.

The sketch illustrates a driver looking in a rearview mirror at an approaching vehicle. I want the vehicle in the painting to appear ominous.


Sketching Caliginous

caliginous - 2017 - 3x2
Eduardo Suré; Sketch of Caliginous, 2017; Graphite

The image above was my third attempt to illustrate my next short story. I didn’t use my first sketch because a van I drew in the scene looked too wide. I didn’t use the second sketch because the foreshortening of the hand was incorrect. I think the hand in this third sketch works.

Self Portrait Sketch, 2017

self portrait sketch - 2017 - 3x2
Eduardo Suré; Self Portrait Sketch, 2017; Graphite

It’s been one year since I started teaching myself to draw and paint, so I thought I’d try a self portrait. I looked in a mirror as I sketched this. It would have been easier to draw from a photo, but not as original. I found it challenging to use a mirror, but fun. I’ll use this sketch as the structure for the painting. I’ll post that next.

Sketching Brian

Sketch of Brian Throwing Rock - 2017 - 3x2
Eduardo Suré; Sketch of Brian Throwing Rock, 2017; Graphite

I sketched Brian for my next short story, Finding the Gray Living Jewel. He is a steelworker in his 20s and is standing in front of a pile of rocks. He is easily lifting a heavy stone above his head. His expression should convey surprise at how easily he can carry the stone, and his muscles should appear unusually large.

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Sketch of Amanda and Smell

Eduardo Suré; Sketch of Amanda and Smell, 2017; Graphite
I sketched Amanda for a painting to illustrate my next short story, Finding the Purple Living Jewel. To find the right proportions for a face looking up, I found a model of a woman online. For her eyes, nose, and mouth; I tried to use the model’s dimensions. However, my sketch did not look right to me. So, I moved her features.

The first time I finished adding all of her features, there was something about her that did not seem right. So, I held her up to a mirror and was able to notice her face was very asymmetrical. I went back and matched the pairs of features the best I could.

My last challenge was to show her smelling something. I don’t know what smells look like. I imagined smells looking something like smoke and drew them accordingly.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you’ll visit again to read the story and see the painting.

Sketch of Kevin

sketch of kevin - 2017 - 3x2
Eduardo Suré; Sketch of Kevin, 2017; Graphite

I sketched Kevin for a painting to illustrate my next short story, Finding the Blue Living Jewel. The focal point of this image is Kevin’s face. He is under distress. I thought a tough guy with a worried look on his face would accentuate the trouble he is in. He is not likable, but one should feel sorry for him. I hope all of this is conveyed in the sketch.

I took a risk with Kevin’s body by showing so little of his lower half. I wanted to show him sitting, and I believe the minimum parts of his body are visible for that. However, I may show more of his legs and the chair in the painting.

I tried a few things to show three dimensions. I positioned the chair and Kevin’s body at an angle. In addition to being turned sideways, I made him look up at the source of his trouble. It almost worked, but his shirt and left shoulder need adjustments to make them look less awkward. I started to add background elements, but they were distracting. I also experimented with a light source having it above and behind him on his right.

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Sketch of Carol in Fire

sketch of carol in fire - 2017 - 3x2
Eduardo Suré; Sketch of Carol in Fire, 2017; Graphite

This sketch is for a painting to illustrate my next Living Jewel story. In this sketch, Carol (the protagonist) is running out of a fire. She only wears a bracelet with a jewel in it. I used the flames to keep her modest.

I had three challenges I hope I met. The first was to sketch a running person with some depth. The second challenge was to ensure the person looked like a woman without using hair or eyebrows. The third was to draw fire around her and keep her modest without covering up too many features.

If you are interested in catching up on the Living Jewel Series, I listed what I’ve written so far below.

Sketch of Tractor

sketch of tractor - 2017 - 3x2
Eduardo Suré; Sketch of Tractor, 2017; Graphite

I sketched this tractor because I want to paint one to illustrate the next short story in the Living Jewel Series.

I wanted the tractor to go from left to right, but I didn’t find a model online I liked. So, I found one I would just use for reference as I sketched the tractor going the way I really wanted it to go. But then I sketched it going the wrong anyway. Ugh.

I found this sketch difficult. The vanishing points were way off the page. If my line was not straight, the tractor didn’t look right. The tires were unforgiving too: it’s obvious when ellipses aren’t right. And look at that right front tire. I didn’t even think about composition until the last minute, so I tried to make it up with framing.

If the painting is mostly landscape with a tractor in the distance, you’ll know why.

Beginning the Living Jewel Series

living jewel in hand - 2017 - 3x2
Eduardo Suré; Sketch of Living Jewel in Hand, 2017; Graphite

My youngest boy has been asking me to tell him stories at bedtime about stones with special powers. I have told him several; and now I’m having trouble keeping track of characters, stones, and powers. Therefore, I’m going to write them down here. However, I will call them Living Jewels for a reason you’ll find out if you read the stories.

I’ll get back to Steven and William later in case you were wondering about them.

The sketch in this post illustrates a scene in the first story. I hope the foreshortening works. The point of view is that of a man looking down at his palm.