Sketching Caliginous

caliginous - 2017 - 3x2
Eduardo Suré; Sketch of Caliginous, 2017; Graphite

The image above was my third attempt to illustrate my next short story. I didn’t use my first sketch because a van I drew in the scene looked too wide. I didn’t use the second sketch because the foreshortening of the hand was incorrect. I think the hand in this third sketch works.


6 thoughts on “Sketching Caliginous

  1. It looks great!!! I can relate….I have a HUGE painting I did of the Goddess Athena. TONS of detail…it’s about 10′ x 5’….but I tell You, her hand took me FOREVER to paint! Yours looks really good. You got it!!! Cheers! 🙂

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