Sketch of Kevin

sketch of kevin - 2017 - 3x2
Eduardo Suré; Sketch of Kevin, 2017; Graphite

I sketched Kevin for a painting to illustrate my next short story, Finding the Blue Living Jewel. The focal point of this image is Kevin’s face. He is under distress. I thought a tough guy with a worried look on his face would accentuate the trouble he is in. He is not likable, but one should feel sorry for him. I hope all of this is conveyed in the sketch.

I took a risk with Kevin’s body by showing so little of his lower half. I wanted to show him sitting, and I believe the minimum parts of his body are visible for that. However, I may show more of his legs and the chair in the painting.

I tried a few things to show three dimensions. I positioned the chair and Kevin’s body at an angle. In addition to being turned sideways, I made him look up at the source of his trouble. It almost worked, but his shirt and left shoulder need adjustments to make them look less awkward. I started to add background elements, but they were distracting. I also experimented with a light source having it above and behind him on his right.

Thank you for stopping by. If you are interested in reading the Living Jewel series, links to published short stories are below.



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