Sketch of Tractor

sketch of tractor - 2017 - 3x2
Eduardo Suré; Sketch of Tractor, 2017; Graphite

I sketched this tractor because I want to paint one to illustrate the next short story in the Living Jewel Series.

I wanted the tractor to go from left to right, but I didn’t find a model online I liked. So, I found one I would just use for reference as I sketched the tractor going the way I really wanted it to go. But then I sketched it going the wrong anyway. Ugh.

I found this sketch difficult. The vanishing points were way off the page. If my line was not straight, the tractor didn’t look right. The tires were unforgiving too: it’s obvious when ellipses aren’t right. And look at that right front tire. I didn’t even think about composition until the last minute, so I tried to make it up with framing.

If the painting is mostly landscape with a tractor in the distance, you’ll know why.


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