Writing a Longer Short Story 

This week, I am working on the third part of Steven the Gray Fox’s story. I was not planning to spend so much time with this character and his story. I simply wrote an exposition that was way too long – as long as my usual short stories. Therefore, I was compelled to give each subsequent part of the story the same word count. Because writing is a temporal art, I want my visitors to enjoy themselves, and I want them to leave my blog feeling like they got a complete story; I do try to make each part stand alone. 

I am also working on painting a fox for the story. The image in this post is the structural drawing I will use for it. I would have never expected I would draw and paint so many foxes.

3 thoughts on “Writing a Longer Short Story 

  1. I feel as if this year is the year of the fox in nature. I’ve seen so many around – and am always delighted by them. Stephen is a nice complement to all of that, if that makes any sense to anyone but me. Anyway, I look forward to the next installment and the finished drawing.

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