Sketch of Spangler’s Meadow

spanglers meadow - 2017 - 4x6
Eduardo Suré; Sketch of Spangler’s Meadow, 2017; Graphite

I sketched this to help me resolve some questions about the composition of a painting I’m working on. The sketch is on a 4in x 6in sheet. I am working to depict a scene from a fight at Spangler’s Meadow at Gettysburg Battlefield on July 3, 1863. I wanted to look at soldiers in the meadow from a wall. I thought I would find a reference photo online with all of the elements I needed for the painting, but I was wrong.

The painting will be posted along with a short story I’m writing. The story will take place in Spangler’s Meadow; but the characters will be from my imagination, and I will use the place, events, and incidents in a fictitious manner.


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