Change, Sort Of

I started this blog to capture some of the bedtime stories I improvised for my five-year-old. However, I couldn’t get the stories to work when I wrote them down. So, I improvised my kid’s bedtime stories; but, I planned the stories I wrote for this blog. The results were written stories more appropriate for tweens. 

Even though I didn’t fulfill my purpose for starting this blog, I didn’t want to delete it. I enjoy the process of writing and painting. As I work, I like to imagine that someone might enjoy what I produce. It makes me happy to be able to reach people around the globe and to be able to hear [read] from them when they have a thought or reaction they want to share with me.

I changed the presentation of this blog in small ways. I didn’t want parents to read something to their kids that wasn’t appropriate for their age or interest. I’ll continue to write the same kinds of stories. I hope you’ll stick around. 


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