Hello, Reader

My five-year-old asks for a bedtime story every night. He asks me to make it up on the spot. My energy is expended when he makes the request, but I can either oblige him or spend the next hour asking him to stop loitering in the hall outside of my bedroom. There is something about my stories that my preschooler likes; so, I started this blog to share those stories with you. I hope you will like them too.

4 thoughts on “Hello, Reader

  1. I also have a five-year old son, and like yours he would request bedtime stories impromptu. Honestly I’m running out of stories to tell and so I am happy to have stumbled upon your blog! Your stories are really entertaining and just the right length. If this was a book it’s a page-turner. You’ve earned a new follower.

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      1. I think so too! Actually I’m considering starting to write down some of my made-up bedtime stories for my blog too from now on. I put so much thought and effort in making up, and wouldn’t that be a waste if we just forget it after a night or two has passed…

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      2. Cool! I’ll keep an eye out for them. I’m sure your kid will ask you to tell a story again; then, you can pull up your blog and read it.

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